Social weekend trip to Mjuklia gjestegård, Rennebu

The university chaplains in Trondheim invite you to a weekend at Mjuklia in Rennebu,1 and a half hour south of Trondheim. After a long period of social distancing and restrictions we want to make an event where we meet each other and have a nice time together. Bus trip, food and accomodation is included and free of charge - our gift to you!
To join the event please send us a mail at We also want to know if you want to sleep in a single room by yourself or if you can share room with others. You registration is only valid when you have received a confirmation e-mail. 

If you have any allergies or other specific needs, please give us a notice. 
More information will come but this is the program so far:
17.00 Departure from Gløshaugen
18.30 Orientation 
Kl. 19.00 Supper (Regular Norwegian supper with bread)
08.30 Breakfast, remember to make your own lunch
10.00 Social activites
12.30 Lunch 
13.30 Small hike (For those who want)
16.00 Dinner (Porridge)
19.00 Supper
20.00 Quiz 
09.00 Breakfast
14.00 Dinner and desert
14.45 Departure 
16.30 Back in Trondheim